Thank you so much for donating to the Jocko Valley Library.  Below you will find helpful information to assist in any questions regarding donations.


We are currently accepting book donations from 2000 to the present.  All donations need to be approved by the director. We are not accepting older computers or printers at this time.

Patrons often have questions about donating materials.

Q:How do you determine if the book is in good physical condition?
A:Books with brittle pages, mildew damage, or torn and/or missing pages will not be

Q:Is a book too old for donation?
A:Yes, we do not accept books with a copyright older than 2000, unless it is a classic.

Q:Does the Library need textbooks, dictionaires or encyclopedias?
A:No, the library does not accept textbooks, dictionaries or encyclopedias.

Q: Does the Library want back issues of magazines?A:Yes, if they are issues not already in the library collection and they must be approved by the director.

Q: What types of materials does the library need?
A: The library needs new dictionaries, children's books in good condition, Native American books,  and current fiction and non-fiction books for both teens and adults

Please remember that donated materials become the property of Jocko Valley Library. If we do not put the donated item into our collection we will put it into our annual book sale or dispose of them.

~Please do not leave donations outside the locked gate or in the library book return box. Please respect our donation policy, as our time is limited to sort books.~


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