~Please Call 883-7301 Before Burning~

Burn Permits are free and required in May and June only.

The burn permits are valid from the day its issued to June 30th. (for existing permit holders)

Please call Air Quality at 1-800-225-6779 each day you intend to burn.

Please call Your Local Dispatch before burning (depending on location)

Lake County Dispatch: 406-883-7301
Missoula County Dispatch: 406-829-7070
Sanders County Dispatch: 406-826-3061
Flathead County Dispatch: 406-758-5260
Burn permits are required from May 1st thru Sept.30th each fire season
Burn permits can be obtained at Division of Fire call 676-2550 for details
or go online at www.csktfire.org

Burn permits are required for all burn activities conducted from May 1st thru September 30th each fire season. Issuance of burn permits may be suspended during the summer months dependent on fire danger levels and possible forest restrictions and closures associated with severe fire season conditions.

Burn permits can be obtained by calling the Division of Fire Dispatch Office Monday thru Thursday 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. at 676-2550 or go on line at www.csktfire.org . Persons requesting a burn permit will be required to provide various details of the proposed burning to include a legal location of the burn activities as well as a telephone number and mailing address.

Burners are reminded that all debris burns must be conducted carefully because the burner will be liable for damages and the cost of fire suppression if their burn escapes control. Burns must be manned at all times that smoke is visible and burners should ensure that the fire is dead-out.

Local burners are also reminded that only woody debris can be burned and that they should not burn at night and during periods of poor smoke dispersion. Check your local weather forecast for hazardous burn situations and for favorable smoke dispersal and transport conditions. Daily smoke dispersal conditions can be obtained by calling the Division of Fire Office at 676-2550 or the CS&KT Air Quality Department at 883-2888.

Next day smoke dispersal information can also be obtained from the Air Quality Bureau “Ventilation Hotline: (1-800-225-6779) or the Montana/Idaho Airshed Group homepage at http://www.smokemu.org . For areas within the Flathead Reservation, open or restricted smoke dispersal conditions will be announced with references to Airshed 2 (which includes Lake, Sanders, and Flathead Counties) and Airshed 3B (which includes Missoula County).

If you have questions or concerns regarding this notice please contact Division of Fire at 676-2550 or contact C.T. Camel, Prevention Specialist, at 406-676-2550 ext. 6407 or email: ctcamel@cskt.org or Devlin Lafrombois at ext. 6410 or email: devlinl@cskt.org


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