Montana At Her Best

Drive through a buffalo herd, watch a grand elk wade it's way through a river, hike to a mountain top and watch the sun dance on distant peaks. Come and explore Arlee! While you are here, explore Finley Lake and the North Fork of the Jocko River.  We now have a map offering direction to explore Finley Lake.  This is a moderate hike along a worn but unmarked trail.  Hikers should understand the responsibility of hiking in the Mission Mountains.  What does that mean? Please remember to take only pictures and leave only tracks.  This path is not suitable for bicycles.

The Mission Mountains offer wonderful hiking and camping opportunities.  Be sure and make time to expore the National Bison Range. Continue traveling north towards Ronan and view Ninepipes National Wildlife Refuge. Hunting, hiking and camping on tribal lands requires a tribal permit for people who are not enrolled members of the tribes.  Permits can be purchased in most sporting stores in Missoula and on the reservation. Learn more about Tribal permits.

These are only a few of the great places to explore in the Arlee area. Plus, we are conveniently located on the main thoroughfare between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park.

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Tribal Permits

Hiking on the Reservation comes with responsibilities.  Non members will need a Flathead Reservation permit.  The Flathead Reservation Permit must be purchased initially from a retail outlet/Reservation Permit vendor, then subsequent permits can be purchased online.  The online link is:  The following are links from