Finley Lake Map

Highway 93 N from Missoula to McClure Road.  Roughly three quarters of a mile turn right on an unmarked dirt road.  This is NOT a road for low cars and it is not passiable in the winter. 

Finley Lake

The hike to Finley Lake is an adventure.  Mountain trails bring their own sense of adventure.  Depending on the time of year it is possible to see deer, bear, wolves in addition to the smaller animals like squirrels and fish.  Ending the hike is the peaceful quiet of Finley Lake.  Be aware that the road and the path to Finley lake is primitive at best. 

Hiking on the Flathead Indian Reservation is a privlege and comes with responbility.  First be sure and take out whatever you bring in.  The beauty of this lake is special to everyone, and it is marred when trash is found along the trail.  Plus, there is a annual Flathead Reservation Tribal Permit.  The first year it must be purchased at many stores.  The second year it may be purchased online .   


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Tribal Permits

Hiking on the Reservation comes with responsibilities.  Non members will need a Flathead Reservation permit.  The Flathead Reservation Permit must be purchased initially from a retail outlet/Reservation Permit vendor, then subsequent permits can be purchased online.  The online link is:  The following are links from